Carol Twombly Identity

A branding identity including a logo, letterhead, information sheet (with research essay,) invoice, business card, envelope, and 12 by 9 inch folder made for a famous typographer. Carol Twombly was one of the few leading female typographers in history, establishing herself with her time at Adobe and created a variety of fonts including: Myriad, Trajan, Rosewood, and Adobe Caslon.


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One-page Bauhaus in Weimar Website

Simple, image-based, one-page website about the Bauhaus in Weimar movement. Website is solely composed on simple divs and explores a handful of famous historical figures and work during the Bauhaus movement. All text is derived from personal research.


Jan Tschichold, Sabon Poster

A diptych of typographic posters done for Typography I. In Fall 2013, I was assigned to write a short paper on the historical significance of Sabon, and its typographer, Jan Tschichold. All the essay text was body copy for the two posters.

LilliansPortfolio_imx-1492 LilliansPortfolio_imx-1502


Slab Lettering

A student project from Typography I. Tracings of letters were taken from a neighborhood library, then redrawn and painted into letters of another type classification. I redrawn san-serif letters into slab serif letters.

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Semiotics Matrix

A semiotics matrix done with a deck of playing cards as the subject. All images are self-taken with the exception of a lottery machine and lottery balls (I could find any in Hawaii.)


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