Set of Informational Cards, Book, and Poster for Thom Mayne, 2005 Pritzker Prize Winner

A set of six informational cards, an eight-page book, a 20 by 80 inch poster, and a box to fit them all in. Pieces are designed to celebrate 2006 Pritzker Prize Winner, Thom Mayne and his architectural philosophy. After reading an essay of his titled Connected Isolation, I was strongly inspired by his ideas of giving people more social opportunities through architecture, to give people more opportunities to “connect.” Mayne’s essay became the title of my project and every piece aims to exist both individually, yet also be a connected piece in a bigger whole.


LilliansPortfolio_imx-2112104 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2123106 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2116105

LilliansPortfolio_imx-2110103 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2107101 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2106100 LilliansPortfolio_imx-209297 LilliansPortfolio_imx-208594 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2108102 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2131108 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2132109 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2134110 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2136112 LilliansPortfolio_imx-2135111

Conversations with Strangers: A Zine

A 30-page, 5.5 inch by 4.25 inch zine documenting my relationship (or lack thereof) with my family. Covers are made out of pages I ripped out from a programming book from the eighties. Spine is hand-sewn with deep red and white embroidery thread. Pages printed on 20 lb Domtar Earthchoice Grey paper.

IMG_1162 IMG_1169

LilliansPortfolio_imx-197751 LilliansPortfolio_imx-198254 LilliansPortfolio_imx-197953 LilliansPortfolio_imx-197852

The Intangibility of Progression Book

Sixteen page, accordian folded book inspired by Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. The book’s body copy uses three paragraphs from the text and reflects my own thoughts on mechanical reproduction. All photos in this book were self-taken.


LilliansPortfolio_imx-203276 LilliansPortfolio_imx-204984 LilliansPortfolio_imx-204483 LilliansPortfolio_imx-204181 LilliansPortfolio_imx-204080 LilliansPortfolio_imx-203679 LilliansPortfolio_imx-203578 LilliansPortfolio_imx-203477

Semiotics Matrix

A semiotics matrix done with a deck of playing cards as the subject. All images are self-taken with the exception of a lottery machine and lottery balls (I could find any in Hawaii.)


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